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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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engineers in hamilon county say if you don't need to be on the roads stay home. so its not just us telling you. if you 'do' have to venture out... we have you covered. fox 19's michael baldwin is out there and michael whats it like now. tricia most of the roads are still snow covered so don't let the snow hamilton county to tend to about in other words, thats a lot of road. tonight hamilton
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taking care of 54 snow routes. and good thing they are. check out this car we found sitting on the side of the road stuck. ltttle further in mt. healthy we driving with there hazzardous roadways will do that to you. don't take it from me. listen to theresa curtis. slick, and sliding all over she said even taklng precautions out here is tough. your not trying to driving slow and im still sliding> nature didn't like last years valentines day gift so she gave us this. interupted the gift thereas boyfriend was getting. so tell me about valentines day what was suppose to happen? she was suppose to take me to gold star chilli but you know we didn't want to be out in this mess no more than we have too. so we came to kroger to get spagehtti i guess thats a good valentine dinner i guess but she already told me i have to make it how is that a
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make it. she paid for it. hamilton county enginners tell us the roads are passable, they plan to have their crews working at least the thing they are fighthing now is the cold temps. dipping below 20 degrees makes there job tough to get the snow melted. there are people yeah i like it much not at all. no i kind of like it a kentucky pizza shop is boxing pies and more as many people are opting not to stand at the stove this
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folks over newport pizza company are even limiting their delivery area due to the weather fox 19 nows frankie joins us live with that story, frankie. it's still valentine's day and for those who didn't make it out because of the weather. pizza and a good movie is not a bad idea. we stopped over at newport pizza company where pie makers and delivery staff were hard at work. when it snows, pizza delivery is what a lot of people turn to. staff members i spoke to say they are making a little bit everything, pizza and sandwiches. but they want to stay safe in the process. "getting a lot of local orders, weve been cutting down a little bit because safety. you know you want to get out there and give people hot food and be safe about it because you cant travel far for this so. all we can do is be safe out there and be courteous and try to getr
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not risk our lives." newport pizza company had to limit their deliveries just to newport tonight. limit their deliveries just to newport tonight. so give deliver driver a break tonight guys as some roads are a little to navigate. reporting live frankie jupiter fox 19 now. keep on top of the weather - just download the fox19 weather now to four-19-19... families wondering if there will be with this snow-- remember there are several school districts that are because of monday. but many schools -- are planning to have class. if those schools call off...... we will include them in our closings list online and on air. and.... you can find a full list of schools that are already out on fox19 now dot com. new at ten new tonight... an officer firing a round at a
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cincinnati police say around 1:40 this morning - a suspect refused to stop for a traffic stop... a short chase ended when the suspect crashed into a parked car on linwood avenue.. this is a look in mt. lookout... after that chase.. police say the suspect then took off on foot... during the foot chase, the officer shot at the suspect once but didn't hit him... after the shot was fired- the suspect stopped... and was taken into custody.. no one was hurt. . the suspect's not been named. developing now developing now, a northern kentucky a 10-thousand dollar reward for information on his missing daughter. 31-year-old tara turner is a mother of three and has been missing since a man, who family members say was reportedly dropped her off at market, off the double-a highway in his black truck. she hasn't been seen or heard from... since. the family is reward for tara's
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anyone that hurt if you can help, call pendleton county dispatch. 654-3300. an all out snowball fight.. the break. sot "steve open" steve chroma key gfx i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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for your apple, android and blackberry devices 2-shot weather wrap alright.. steve, joe, jeremy and myself...
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have some fun in the snow.. we had an old fashioned snowball fight right here in the fox19 now parking lot.. joe and i both landed a face plant. pretty fun... you can check out the
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facebook page. tricia cam don't forget we're always on sports wrap is next. good night. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your hand." joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx joe on the valentine's
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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(elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. sportswrap... our hear tonight goes out to a great cincinnati family. they say this city is a baseball town... and tonight we help remember a great basebal man. jeremy some of the biggest names in reds history are in town tonight... they flew - they drove - they're here... to celebrate the life of bernie stowe the reds tell us more than a thousand people - in a snow storm... spent time at elder high school today to say goodbye. a private visitation for bernie stowe that we honored. barry larkin - sean casey - bronson arroyo - legends who called bernie a father-figure - a family and a friend. sixty-seven years he worked in the reds clubhouse... tonight... those who knew him best - remember the stories that made bernie stowe
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bronson arroyo: "he told me stories of being in tampa and washing the uniforms of the guys in the mid-70's by hand, putting quarters in the machines and the guy who ran the laundromat - he didn't know - he would come in there every night and finally after a month he said, 'what are you washing here' and he said pete rose and johnny bench's uniforms. bernie would tell those stories all the time." sean casey: "you appreciate all the walking history that he was and all of the knowledge that he has from the big red machine to the teams from way back in the day from when he was a bat boy and you always admired that about bernie." ron oester: "he'll be missed just the same as joe nuxhall. two of my favorite guys in baseball. and, they're probably up there right now causing a little trouble up there." aaron boone and austin kearns made it here tonight and are expected at the funeral on monday it is private.
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you just heard from bronson arroyo... his first time speaking to media here in cincinnati, since he last wore a reds uniform. the love affair for bronson was strong, spent eight seasons here, and there were whispers of his possible return, that is until dusty baker and the nationals signed him in january. bronson arroyo: "i think about it all the time. i've been thinking about it since last year when me and bryan price had a conversation about playing in a reds uniform, but i thought it was going to happen because i would've loved to come here and mentor younger guys. compete for a starting job in washington for the first time in 15 years. that is fun to look also looking forward to coming here to be a 100 percent healthy without having to think about wins and losses. it didn't work out. we couldn't make it happen."
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catchers report on thursday. fox19 now reports the following monday, that's joe d. position players show up the next day. dog bark music gus johnson: "10 point lead. jam jalen reynolds." chris mack: "i jumped them is what i did. it was deserving." music gus johnson: "reynolds dunk sound exclamation." music jeremy from xavier's win at hinkle fieldhouse. one player you farr. he didn't score. first zero for james this season. still did grab thirteen rebounds. another impact game in his hugely impactful senior season.
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up bus they are the essentials of the quintessential college road trip. some luggage... some sandwiches... good friends... and good music. music but... it seems not everyone is good with the music a certain teammate might choose when the bus leaves campus. sounds of bus leaving xavier sound an only sometimes country music fan... xavier fans know james farr as one of the most improved players in the country. sound of farr basket sound music in the most successful regular season in
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the biggest success story. a bench player his entire career... his now career year ranks him as one of the best rebounding big men in the big east. sound james farr saved his best year of basketball for his last year at xavier. he's a senior. basketball for his last year at xavier. he's a senior. a leader. and now a difference maker. sound of farr basket james is far from the freshman who sat the bench.
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now one of the most efficient players in the country. music and - no matter the music... should be a major factor... in what could be... the biggest - big dance in xavier history. sound hplaz vplaz 2shot joe to be fair... farr says it's strictly hip hop on to be fair... farr says it's strictly hip hop on the headphones before a game. i did ask him where he hopes basketball takes him... he said he'll worry about that on april 7th. check your ncaa calendar - you'll see that's the day after the national championship. big game for indiana today... does this sparty fan look familiar? we checked the archives... exactly one year
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day... he did the exact same thing. real original bro. close game early on... o-g ana-noby anunoby... the original gangster. but you saw the cute valetines day sign... must've been a had 30 points, 13 assists and 5 boards. michigan state pulls away to win it 88-69 when sportswrap returns... the mvp. ken anderson at the studio talking hall of fame - ring of honor and the other quarterback who wears number fourteen. the wrap will be right back. joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx jer it's been a good
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offseason for andy dalton... he and his wife jj, just chillin' on the beaches of mexico today. joe life's a beach away from cincinnati at this time of year. former bengals quarterback ken anderson, knows the feeling, but he is back in cincinnati this week... and spoke with us about everything from the hall of fame, to andy dalton. sounds of smoke joe d: "what a season for andy dalton, he would've been top five for mvp voting if he stayed healthy, have the bengals seen enough to say this guy is our guy the next five to seven years?" ken anderson: "no question. you said it. it was a big year for andy. he could carry the team a little bit. i think this was the year had he stayed healthy the
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that playoff run we all joe d: "mike brown said recently he's thinking about putting in a ring of honor at pbs, how cool would that be?" ken anderson: "i think it would be tremendous. you look at the tradition and great players that have come through here. we have so many traditions and great players, it'd be nice to see that happen." joe d: "do you still think about the hall of fame?" ken anderson: "i really don't. at this time of year, and i get asked,
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think about it. i remember the first time i was eligible and got to the final 15 and didn't make it. that bothered me. i had a great career in cincinnati. i had so many great memories and that's good enough for me." our carstar collision of the week... aaron gordon... minus-10 points for using a mascot, but how did that not win? here's why... zach lavine... went through his legs from the free throw line. he wins the nba dunk contest. bam/gfx
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